Your tan has not only to look sexy and healthy, but also has to last for a long period. Therefore we offer you the best tanning beds and high-quality spray tannings, which you can enjoy a long lasting and graceful result with. By using the appropriate care products you can protect your tan's life and ensure that it persists even after several showers. Well-maintained skin doesn't only get a tan faster, but also provides a deep and lasting tan.


Effective tanning beds

On our effective tanning beds you do not need to "swelter" half-an-hour or longer, but thanks to the precise technology you can count on a fast and effective tanning. We have 3 different models to choose from, between which you make your choice based on your skin type and the requirements for the sun bed. Do you need advice? We are pleased to inform you about the difference between our tanning beds and ensure a tan, that you can enjoy for a long time after the visit to us in the studio.

Spray tanning

Spray tanning is the gentle way to get a tan and is also suitable for people who reject the visit to the solarium or for those who cannot do this for health reasons. Our tannings are streak free and consistent, colours don't run in contact with cloths and offer you a long-lasting and gentle tan for your face and body.