For every taste you will find an appropriate tanning bed, where you can relax, enjoy and get a tan. The latest technology in our equipment ensures that your tan is magical and sustainable, healthy and pleasant.


Affinity 600

If you set value on soft music and on an air conditioner, you can use the affinity 600. In maximal 12 minutes you can reach the desired tan and use a sun bed with gentle facial tanner and reflector technology in the neck area. Relaxation is written in capital letters here and you will enjoy it.


Open Sun 550

On this sun bed you feel free and do not need to cover. Convenience and 45 160 Watt lamps, as well as an 800 Watt facial tanner ensure comfortable tan with best result. The open air design doesn't give rise to feelings of constriction and offers you the best tanning results. Among our sun beds this model is the luxury class and pampers you a lot.


The Diva 4

A complete and luxurious tan welcomes you to the solarium Diva 4. In only 12 minutes, 40 160 Watt lamps and 3 400 Watt facial tanners ensure a skin after sun-bath. Relax and enjoy the moment, that thanks to the turbo tanning is over so quickly.